The camera trucks through giant concrete letters spelling 1983

Michael J Fox came into Larry Hama’s house
Larry was writing a G.I. JOE adventure,
Michael had to sit silently and wait
the chair he was seated on was green,
when he sat down he disappeared in a shadow altogether
Larry could continue working this way
He finished the story,
put away his pen
"Why, Michael, would you come here and interrupt me like this, I’ve told you I’m very sensitive when I’m writing, I don’t want to be disturbed"
Michael had been silently weeping the entire time,
he stuttered and was visibly ashamed
"I’m sorry, Larry"
"It’s no good, Mike"
"Why isn’t Zanzibar crying?"
"Zanzibar is a dreadnok, dreadnoks seldom cry. Dreadnoks only cry when little kids wave at them in the end of a two-part story, when they’re driving away in a bus, and then only if you’re a try-out member. This could happen to Thrasher. It could not happen to Zanzibar."
"I’m gonna be a dreadnok!"
"I’m not so sure, Mike. Dreadnoks don’t cry."
Mike dried his tears with his sleeve, nodded, stood up
Larry followed him to the door.